Priced from $45,000

Optional extras include:

Built on trailer


Upgrade to Coloursteel  Roofing

Coloursteel Wall Cladding

Painting, exterior and/or interior

Double glazing

Extra power points, lights

Built to your design

Enquire with your requirements.


There are 2 types of trailers

1. Site trailer - built strong enough to support the cabin but not with suspension, brakes, lights etc.

Ideal just to move on site if required.

2. Road worthy trailer- built to specifications required to be registered and warranted on the road  


One master bedroom with a lounge/bedroom with a kitchenette

and ensuite


8.0m Long x 3.0m Wide     24msq 

Bedroom 1 size 3.5m x 2.8m

Lounge/kitchenette  3.2m x 2.8m

Ensuite   1.2m x 2.8m


Framing:  Steel or timber frame

Flooring:  H3 20mm thick plywood

Exterior Lining: Shadowclad with                                           optional coloursteel

Roofing:  Zincalume (optional Coloursteel)

Joinery:  Aluminum single glazed (optional double)

             2/ 2000H x 1800W Ranchsliders

             2/ 600H x 1000W windows

             1/ 600H x 400W window (opaque glass)

Interior Lining: 9mm Plywood

Insulation: R2.2 Glasswool in walls

                R3.6 Glasswool in ceiling

                Expol underfloor R1.4

Electrical:  5x power points

                1x external power point for califont

                5x ceiling lights

                1x wall fan 

                RCD protected

                Electrical code compliance certificate

Ensuite: 900x900 shower tray

             PVC wet wall lining

             Safety glass shower door

             Mixer unit             

             Ceramic sink on wall mounted cabinet

             Ceramic Toilet set

Kitchen:  White meltecca cabinetry     

              Laminate bench top

              Stainless sink with mixer

Plumbing and Gas:

               LPG Gas water heater Califont 

               Gas installation certificate