Frenquently Asked Questions
  • Do you offer rent to buy?


At present we can only direct you to a finance company and you can pay it off through them

Go to the finance page in the menu and click on the Gilrose logo, this will open up to an application form

  • What areas of the country do you transport the cabin?

We can transport them to anywhere in the upper North Island, however beyond 3 hours drive from South Auckland, the cost of transport can get quite expensive, because the transporter charges for the return to depot as well. What some of our customers have done is organised a local transport company and asked if they have a return load from Auckland they need so you are effectively only paying one way

  • What if I have a difficult to access site?

If youre not too far from south Auckland, I can view your site to assess the access to see if our transporter can deliver the cabin. In some circumstances we can build on site.

  • If I wanted the cabin painted, can I choose the colours?

Yes you can. we recommend the Dulux range of colours.

  • What are the standard colours available for the Doors and Windows?

Artic White.      Silver Pearl.       Ironsand.      Matt Black    

Other colours are available if required but these are made to order and cost more, whereas the standard colours are in stock. Click on the link below to view the standard colours

Standard Colours Link

  • Do I need to have a building consent?

UPDATE: In 2020 rules have changed where the maximum area without a building consent will be increased to 30m2

View the current requirements for Auckland city by clicking on the link below

Auckland City Link

  • What is the minimum stage you can build to so we can complete ?

We can build to a shell only just with window and door openings where you can install the windows and complete the interior. Supply and installation of toilet, shower kitchen etc can also be done by yourself

In the KEA cabin (10m2) we can make to a shell only flat pack.

  • What warranties do you offer?

All purchasers are protected by the Consumers Guarantees Act

  • Do you have a cabin I can view in person?​

Yes, we just have the Kea cabin permanently on show which we use as an office, all others are built to order.

We are located in rural south Auckland, approx 8 mins drive from the Ramarama exit on the southern motorway.

Please make an appointment using the enquiry contact box